“Shock Cycle”

Shock cycles were a key secret training technique used by Russian athletes in the former Soviet Union. The Soviet Union owned the individual sports stage, pulling in countless world titles and claimed the most gold medals in seven out of nine Olympics.  Now that the Iron Curtain has come down, Soviet training science migrated west and ended up right here at Live Fit Boot Camp!

This Boot Camp program is more demanding than anything you have experienced before. It’s strong enough to break through your ceiling of adaptation to get you leaner and stronger than ever before!

  • Have you noticed a plateau in your results and level of adaptation in the last few months?
  • Do you want to start seeing results again?
  • Come train with us at maximal intensity, push beyond exhaustion and break through your current level of fitness.
  • Push your limits to the maximum!

This 3-Week Shock Cycle is guaranteed to stimulate your body to respond once again, jump-start your results and force your body to adapt in new ways.