Next week we are going to start a new phase of training! 

By constantly updating your workouts and challenging your body to adapt in new ways, there is no limit to the results you can achieve with us.To give you the best of both worlds, fat-loss and toning, our program cycles between seven different fat-loss and toning “phases” or “cycles”.

But before we begin this next phase, I want to take a minute to give you a short explanation of the science behind our program’s effectiveness.

The Live Fit Boot Camp Difference

Our boot camp program is completely different from any other fat-loss or boot camp program around. It is more effective for fat-loss than cardio, works faster than fad diets, and the results are better than “As Seen on TV” workout programs!

This is because of the unique design of Live Fit Wellness Center’s Boot Camp. Its specific design breaks up your body into five distinct areas of focus or “specializations”:

  1. Speed Agility and Quickness Specialization – targets your heart and lungs to give you more cardiovascular-endurance, stamina, and burns more calories than traditional cardio…
  2. Upper-Body Specialization – targets your arms, back, chest, and shoulders…
  3. Lower-Body Specialization – targets your hips, legs, thighs, and butt…
  4. Flexibility Specialization – focuses on restoring your body by bringing it back into postural alignment and alleviates aches and pains so that you always feel good…
  5. Core Specialization – targets your stomach, flattens and strengthens your torso…

Concentrated Loading

The reason it is so effective comes from the science of “concentrated loading.” Concentrated loading allows you to perform a large amount of work at maximal effort for each targeted area of your body, while giving you enough time to fully recover between each workout so that you can come in everyday. Maximal effort during each workout and full recovery means better results for you!

Upper-Body, Lower-Body “Split”  

Other boot camps in our area use random programming (randomly throwing exercises together) which eventually leads to over-training syndrome, muscle-imbalances, and injury. Your health and safety is our main concern and that is why our program is designed to develop your body in a safe and balanced fashion. We do this by “splitting” your body into two distinct halves. Over the course of two days, you will work your entire body once. One day you will work the front of your upper body and the back of your legs and the next day you work the back of your upper body and the front of your legs.

Circuit Training vs. Traditional Programming

Instead of breaking your workout into stretching, weights and cardio done one after another (which would take forever), our program blends all these components together into a fast paced workout that helps you get a lot of work done in a short amount of time! Each workout in this phase is performed in a circuit fashion, meaning that you move from one exercise to another exercise in a linear fashion working your upper-body, lower-body, flexibility, core, and cardiovascular system simultaneously. And, by minimizing rest periods and alternating exercises, we kick your metabolism into high gear, so that you burn a ton of fat, fast!

 Welcome to Phase 4: Muscular-Endurance!  

Over the next five weeks you will increase your stamina, cardiovascular efficiency, core strength, stabilization, coordination, balance, flexibility to get you in the best shape of your life  so you not only look good, you feel good too!
Come join us, BUT space is strictly limited to only 24 people per session and our members are already booking their sessions online as you are reading this BLOG


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