Welcome to our Hypertrophy-Endurance Phase!

What Is Hypertrophy? 

Muscle Hypertrophy is the body’s adaptation to exercise that increases muscle growth and strength. It is the body’s response to the mechanical and metabolic stress placed on the muscle fibers. The mechanical stress is the physical weight the muscle fibers must resist by contracting. This contraction damages muscle fibers and initiates a reaction that leads to muscle growth. The metabolic stress comes from the demands placed on the muscle to fuel muscle contractions.

Over the next five weeks we will be introducing a host of new exercises progressions that are really going to increase the effectiveness and intensity of your workouts. We will be employing a super-effective method called “Straight-Sets”. The Straight-Set method produces muscular fatigue and metabolic stress by forcing your body to burn the fat surrounding your muscles (subcutaneous fat), producing pronounced muscular definition and lean muscle tone!

Come join us, BUT space is strictly limited to only 24 people per session and our members are already booking their sessions online as you are reading this BLOG

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