A) Lower Body Dynamic Functional Warm-Up (4 Min):

Complete as many reps as possible of each exercise in 30 seconds of:

Stretch 1-Air Squats

Stretch 2 –Deep Wideout Drops

Stretch 3 – Forward Lunges with a Twist

Stretch 4 – Lateral Lunge

Stretch 5–Toy Solders

Stretch 6-Squat-to-Stands

Stretch 7- Inchworm Drill

Stretch 8- Stationary Spiderman

B) Technique (3 min): Rower and Backward Sled Drags 

C) Team Challenge (20 min):

Working in teams with a team member working at each station, unlimited switching allowed complete as many calories on the rower and accumulate as much weight dragged for 40-yards as possible in 20 minutes or until there is no more weight to drag:

Max Rower (Calories)
Max 40-Yard Backward Sled Drags

*Every 2 Minutes on the Minute Complete 20 Synchronised Air Squats (Everyone Goes Up and Everyone Goes Down at the Same Time)

Note Total Calories and Load Dragged: ___+___

D) Individual Challenge (15 min):

Max Push-Ups in 1 Minute

Note Repetitions Completed: ___

Sit-Ups in 1 Minute

Note Repetitions Completed: ___