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Get Addicted!

Addiction If you or someone you know is or was a smoker you know how addicting nicotine can be. No one gets addicted to nicotine after the first try. I was a smoker once. When I first started it was anything but enjoyable. After a few weeks of smoking, I began to enjoy it. I [...]

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No Time   Do you find it hard to fit in the time to work out? Most people wait until after work to exercise. If you save your workout for the last thing in your day you may find it hard to muster up the energy to workout. Add to that all of the surprise [...]

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Secrets to Getting a Flatter Stomach Part 3

Total Body Core Development So far we have covered several methods of developing your core musculature, maximal isometric contraction, increasing time under tension, and now our next it is time to cover total body dynamic core training! Increasing Coordination between the Core and Limbs Once maximal static contraction has been optimized, we must increase coordination [...]

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Secrets to Getting a Flatter Stomach Part 2

Muscle Fiber Specificity Your core can be trained every day, so train your core every day.  It takes only twenty-four hours for the muscles of your torso to fully repair. After twenty-four hours, the core is ready to be trained again. This is because it is composed predominantly of slow twitch muscle fibers. Slow twitch [...]

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Secrets to Getting a Flatter Stomach Part 1

Purpose and Function of the Core Musculature All movement originates from the core. The core is comprised of twenty-nine different muscles attached to the spine and hips. There are two primary functions of the core: stabilization and movement. The stabilization system of the core is composed of the transverse abdominus, internal oblique, lumbar miltifidus, pelvic [...]

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Drinking More to Keep the Fun Going!

Water and Exercise For exercisers like you and me, there is one very real danger you face. This danger is dehydration. Without proper hydration before, during and after exercise, the effects of dehydration can decrease exercise performance, flexibility, increased fatigue, and risk of injury.    Hydration Guidelines In order to receive the maximum benefits of [...]

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