Vanessa and Jimmy at personal trainingWe will be letting our clients tell their stories on our blog, and we thought that Vanessa Macias would be perfect to start with. Read her story and let us know what you think. And, we would love to work with you too and help you to get the kind of results that Vanessa got!

When joining Live Fit, I was warmly welcomed to a great community. Live Fit Wellness Center is a gym that lives up to its name. As a member, you quickly adopt new ways to Live a Fit Life, while learning ways to enhance and maintain a your health. Jimmy and Brandon, the founders of Live Fit, are not only credible trainers, I find them to be great esteem coaches. I say esteem coaches because their motivation and encouragement is contagious throughout the gym. After your workout, you go home feeling like a winner.

The many success stories are evidence to support their dedication to their clients. My experience has positively changed my mental stamina and physical appearance. When I’m not working out, I am always thinking about my work out that will come later in the day. Enrolling at Live Fit has been the best decision I’ve made for myself in a very long time. I’m improving my lifestyle and making a great long-term investment in myself. I joined Live Fit because I identify with the community and I believe in their mission.


Thank you for positively changing my life.


-Vanessa Macias