Who Else Wants To Lose Up To 50 Pounds Of Fat In Only 9 Weeks And Win a Trip for 2 to Cancun, Mexico?

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Why Join?

  • Finally achieve your fat-loss goal in 2013!
  • Compete with others just like you in a fun and supportive atmosphere!
  • Stop procrastinating!
  • Transform your body and maintain it for the rest of your life!

How To Join?

Enroll before May 3rd, 2013 to ensure your spot! Register at Live Fit Wellness Center for your opportunity to win a trip for 2 to Cancun, Mexico and get in the best shape of your life!

Call (562)448-2082 or Click Here To Register!

What Do I Get For Joining?

You will receive:

  • 9 Week Fat-Loss Secrets Workbook – ($50 Value)
  • 9 Week Fat-Loss Competition Guidebook – ($50 Value)
  • Before/After Photos – ($20 Value)
  • Before/after body fat and girth measurements – ($75 Value)
  • Done for you 90-day fat-loss menu plan – ($200 Value)
  • Online food journal and measurements tracking software – ($99 Value)
  • 24/7 access to your trainer by phone, e-mail, or text message – ($190 Value)
  • A shot at winning a trip for 2 to Cancun, Mexico!
  • Getting in the best shape of your life! – (Priceless)

Contest Dates and Deadlines

  • Your starting measurements and “before” pictures will be taken on 08/17/13  & 08/24/13 and the actual contest will begin on 09/07/13
  • Attend your measurement checkups: 09/07/13, 09/14/13, 09/21/13, 09/28/13, 10/05/13, 10/12/13, 10/19/13, 10/26/13, 11/02/13, & 11/09/13 at 8:15 am.
  • Schedule your training sessions and/or boot camp classes.
  • Thoroughly read this 9-Week Live Fit Fat-Loss Contest Guidebook.
  • Post your before pictures to our Facebook Fan Page by no later than Saturday, November 2nd, 2013.

How Do I Win My Trip For Two to Cancun Mexico?

This is not a “weight-loss only” Competition, but a fat-loss and lifestyle Competition. Winners will be chosen based on greatest body fat-loss and body composition improvement in 9-weeks: judged based on body composition numbers (weight, body fat, lean body mass), visual appearance (before and after photographs from 3 angles), Facebook likes and a transformation essay (each component counts for 25% of the score. The judges may weigh the photos or essays more heavily based on body composition test result congruency). You must attend 7 of the 9 measurement checkups; 1% will be removed from your final score for each additional time you are absent.

Again, this is not a “weight loss-only” contest. (The person who loses the most weight could be the winner, but NOT necessarily).

Although this is a competition with many people vying for the prizes, from a judging point of view, you are competing against yourself: You will be judged on your own personal improvement between your “before” and your “after.”

Contestants agree to follow the challenge rules and procedures below for posting before photos, taking measurements, after photos and final essay.

  • You can start the contest on August17th and are welcome to join up until August 24th The start date of the 9 weeks will be September 7th after the initial measurements
  • Pre & Post Photos must be posted to Live Fit Personal Training’s Page on Facebook: Facebook Fan Page; altered photos will not be accepted.
  • 25% of your score will be based upon getting as many likes as possible, so tell your friends & family members to like you.
  • Post front, side and/or back view photos (3 different photos are preferable) wearing a bathing suit or sports bra or tank/shorts for females and shorts for males. Use judgment on clothing. If clothes are baggy, there will not be a noticeable difference in before and after photos.
  • Pre and Post photos must be submitted on Facebook by Saturday, November 9th , 2013.
  • Weight and body fat will be measured at Live Fit Wellness Center facility by instructor starting on Saturday, August 17th, 2013. If you choose to join the competition after the start date please schedule date and time by e-mail to [email protected]. Please take note of measurements, which will be used in your essays. Please add measurements to photos when you post.
  • Weight and body fat can be measured weekly so you can keep track of your results.
  • It is recommended for you to take additional measurements to track your progress, especially if you want to reduce body fat.
  • Lastly, each contestant is required to submit a short essay, no longer than one page double spaced (no more than 300 words), on the positive things that they have gained from their experience in the program. This essay does not need to include diet or exercise specifics rather the personal experience that has motivated you to participate in the program, what you learned, and achieved from the 9-week experience. Share the obstacles you faced and how you overcame them, how you changed your lifestyle. It is recommended that you work on your transformation essay during the 9-week period, so you can easily send it in by Saturday, November 2nd, 2013.
  • Additional prizes will be given so there is not just one winner!

All Inclusive Trip for Two to Cancun, Mexico!

You will receive 4 nights of all-inclusive accommodations. The trip also allows for 2 children under the age of 12 to come along. Cancun’s stunning beaches must be seen to be believed: silky smooth sugar-white sand, lapped by the turquoise and emerald waters of the Caribbean. As for vacation amenities, Cancun offers an exotic, tropical island setting buoyed by modern comforts and conveniences.

A well-planned layout and infrastructure give this vacation destination a polished appearance. Shopping is top notch with over a dozen American style shopping centers available. The dining options are virtually endless as over 200 gourmet restaurants serve up every imaginable fare including Asian, Caribbean, American and, of course, Mexican specialties. Cancun succeeds in combining the best of Mexico with the flare of the Caribbean and ties it together within a world-class setting.

Live Fit,

Brandon Locatell

P.S. Please share this challenge with your friends, co-workers, family members and community.

The more that register and commit to the challenge, the better the prize and the higher the energy in the program, so all will benefit!

Non-members are also welcome to register for this challenge!