#1 Do It Until You Love it!

I remember when I first began to try to lose weight. I didn’t want to work out, I didn’t want to control my eating habits, and I sure as hell didn’t want to run! Well, after many GRUELING late night runs (I ran at night so no one would see me), I really began to enjoy running! I was addicted in fact! I even started put in 30-40 miles a week some weeks! I remember trying to run the mile in 5th grade and felt like I was going to die! The point is, you don’t like things you’re not good at. If you do it even though you don’t want to, you’re going to get better at it. Over time you will be good at it and then you will LOVE it!

#2 Mistakes Make You Better!

Bad habits are hard to break! That doesn’t mean you shouldn’t try! Having a game plan to overcome bad habits is important but sometimes you will fall into routine again! Don’t beat yourself up and give up, learn from your mistakes and don’t let it happen again! Controlling your eating is one thing that lots of people struggle with! Don’t keep crap in your house if you are trying to drop fat! Don’t go out to eat if you are serious about fast results! Replace out of control eating with out of this world workout and kick butt energy levels!

#3 Stop Making Excuses!

You are an awesome person! I bet there are tons of things that you never thought you could do that you ended up succeeding at! I have really amazed myself at all the accomplishments I have made! I have no self-confidence either! Just imagine what I could have achieved if I would have believed in myself and not made excuses! Excuses like this is really hard, or I just can’t change, I can’t live my life deprived. Life is more than eating and drinking. Life is about striving to be the best YOU, you can be!

#4 Strive For Excellence!

You have one life…why not make it the best? You can live your life and just get by or you can take this life and make all your dreams come true! It’s going to be hard at times but, who cares! You are going to want what you want regardless of it being hard or easy to obtain! Go get what you want! Don’t make excuses, learn from your mistakes, and make your life better that you ever thought possible!