Turning Goals into Results

Have you ever felt discouraged in the past trying to lose weight? Does it seem like it takes forever? If any of these statements above are true of you than, this may be just the motivation you need to finally accomplish your goal once and for all!

Many people exercise with the goal of losing weight. The goal of losing weight is an outcome goal. Outcome goals – focus on the outcome of a process rather than the process itself. Setting outcome goals are important, but they can often lead to frustration. This is because outcome goals often take a lot of time to accomplish.

In the case of weight-loss, the results are so far removed from the present that it becomes easy for one to lose focus and give up. It can be hard to stay focused and motivated especially when obstacles are encountered along the way! What can you do to stay motivated and stick with it until you reach your goal?

Focus on Process and Performance goals rather than outcome goals

The first step to achieving your goal is to get started in the right direction. Focusing on process and performance goals can greatly increase the likelihood of achieving your desired outcome goal. Process goals – focus on the steps necessary to perform well. Performance goals- focus on achieving standards or performance objectives on the basis of comparisons with one’s own previous performances.

The Body Diagnostic

We perform body diagnostics on new clients. Using standardized tests, we establish your current level of strength, endurance, flexibility, and balance to identify our clients’ strengths and weaknesses.

We use this information to address individual needs and to prescribe for them an appropriate exercise and nutrition program. This information is recorded and used for reference to establish goals and track progress.

One day after discussing the results his body diagnostic, a client told me, “If I could do 30 push-ups, 50 sit-ups, and run a mile and a half in eight minutes, I wouldn’t be overweight”. This illustrated a great point. The point is, as you focus on improving your performance (e.g. improving your fitness level) and compliance to the process (e.g. sticking with the program) weight-loss results are inevitable.

Stay Focused

Focusing on performance goals (e.g. focusing on performing more sit-ups, coming to the gym more times a week, performing faster run times etc.), I have found that clients are more likely to stay motivated and realize their final outcome goal.  Clients who continually push themselves to new personal bests are more successful at achieving their ultimate weight-loss goals!

The Best Investment You Will Ever Make

Our programs focus on the process of getting people fitter and healthier, not just losing weight. By focusing on the process of attaining measurable performance improvements, you will stay more motivated to exercise and diet each week because of the visible performance improvements you realized each and every day, month after month!