With this Covid-19 pandemic in full effect, people are afraid to leave the house and are looking for ways to exercise at home. There are 3 things I want you to consider before giving up on one-on-one or small group in-person fitness coaching.

1. Online at-home workout programs and workout DVDs are a one size fits all, cookie-cutter approach to fitness and do not base the workout on an individualized fitness evaluation:

You are a snowflake (no, not that kind of a snowflake!); you are one of a kind! Without the customization of having a real live coach tailoring each readymade workout to your needs and injuries are bound to occur. Cookie-cutter, one size fits all programs never work for the human body. Everyone is different and to get results the program needs to be based on YOU! It is science Following at home online programs and impersonal DVDs will lead you down a path for certain failure.

2. One-size-fits-all, impersonal, DVDs and online programs lead to fitness plateaus:

The body adapts to the exercises, reps, sets, and tempo of a workout program. This is a good thing! If you have a coach constantly evaluating your progress and pushing, you to achieve more, you will get non-stop results from an exercise program. However, cookie-cutter workout programs and DVDs cannot assess your progress or even push you for that matter. These programs are also short-sighted because sooner, rather than later, you will be doing the same boring workouts over-and-over-again, making them a recipe for fitness stagnation. Every smart fitness coach knows that to get a client in the best shape possible they need to include lots of variation. The real trick is knowing when to switch it up which only a live coach can do. When your body has all the answers, you need to change the questions!

3. Impersonal DVD and internet programs do not provide real-time coaching and feedback to ensure proper technique and mechanics.

One fix some have tried is having participants film their workouts and have it analyzed later. I have a client who owns an alarm company. He told me that one objection he gets from potential customers to buying an alarm is that they already have cameras. His response is golden, he said, “cameras do not stop anyone from stealing your stuff. Alarms do. With a camera, all you can do is rewind the film and watch them steal your stuff again. With an alarm, when it goes off, someone is on their way to make sure that the problem is stopped!”. This is the same as having a coach watch a video of you vs. having them there. If you injure yourself, you can always watch it over and over again but with a real live coach, you have someone there so if there is a problem, they can stop it from happening!

In my opinion, I would avoid the cookie-cutter approach! If you choose to follow an online program or workout DVDs, make sure you have a live coach with a trained eye watching you every workout.

We have the cleanest and best coaching staff in north Orange County, maybe the world. Every Personal Training, Boot Camp and CrossFit session is individualized for you YOU!

No circus show exercises that look cool and get 0 results. We only use tried and true transformational programming to get you in the best shape of your life and keep you there!

Life is short, don’t waste your time on one size fits all, impersonal, DVDs, and online programs where your fitness is certain to plateau! Get in on the real deal individualized program that has transformed the lives of thousands, and we keep getting better every day!

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