Look At What Have You Accomplished in 2014!

Have you accomplished all of the fitness and fat-loss goals you set for yourself this year? What did you want to achieve this year? Did you do it? If you did, that’s awesome! If you didn’t, why not? Maybe you tried to do too many things.

Goals are things by their very nature don’t come easy. If you combine that with a ton of other challenging things, you are in for a blizzard of trouble! This coming year, let’s look to cut some stuff out! Make some time for what really matters to you.

You can give up but, you are never going to stop wanting to feel healthy, fit, and attractive. So rather than giving up, why not go for it even harder. The worst thing that is going to happen is that you are going to be as good, if not better than you are this year. The best thing that can happen is that you might just finally achieve your goal! Either way it’s a win, win!

You Killed it…What else do you want?

You did it! You finally got down to your ideal weight and body fat percentage! You are awesome! You wanted to be the best you thought you could be and you did it! Now, what else do you want? Don’t ever settle! This is the year that you are going to build some strength and definition! This is the year that you are going to run your first race! This is the year that you are going to look and feel the way you have always wanted!

Take some time to reflect and write down your goals for the coming year and when you have, tell everyone! That will keep you accountable to getting them done! Post them in the bathroom. Tape them to the wall! This is your year! Go get it!